Monday, 17 September 2012


Hurrah! I've decided to create my own blog and here it is. I was suppose to make my own blog after the SPM examination but I'm feeling quite bored right now as I'm studying Chemistry for tomorrow's exam paper. Am I wasting my time? Idk(a new 'abbr.'  I learned from So, here in my my blog I will post some of my stories (should I say "status"? Idk) and maybe after the SPM, I will transcribe piano music sheets? Haha... Idk but I hope so. Only, I'm just a little girl and know nothing about transcribing music but let's see that after a few months.
     Before that, let me introduce me self. Soy, Vea (nickname) and I'm a 17 year-old-school-girl who will be sittin' for a big examination that is around the corner(about a half and a month away from now) and... I'm the most lazziest person ever! the proof is, I'm suppose to be studying right now but here I am, typing words in some kind of world that should've never existed before me. Hehe. Greetings everyone!

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