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Hi, guys! I'd like to share about this English series I'm watching right now. It's called 'Revenge' and I've already completed the season 1 download. The season 2 is in the process of downlading. :) Right now, I'm watching episode 22 of Revenge Season 1.  This series is a must to watch! 
 Revenge is a drama/thriller that takes place in the the Hamptons, a world of rich caviar and lavish living, that follows Emily Thorne (Emily Van Camp) a woman with a past that fuels revenge on the separation of her father and mother years ago. Now that she is older and wiser, but still the plan for revenge on all those who affected her life is fresh on her mind. One by one she plots and takes care of the lose ends that are in her life. Emily focuses the root of her hatred to the Hamptons to Victoria (Madeline Stowe), a rich, cunning woman who knows it all when it comes to Emily's horrible past.

Revenge flashbacks back and forth to set up the story to what happened to Emily that makes her so hellbent on revenge. She finds her self succeeding in her mission one right after another. Created by Mike Kelley (Jerico, Swingtown), this is going to be a show where you are going to keep guessing who is the next target on Emily's "hit list". She starts to discover there is more to her past than she had ever dreamed of and things go from happy to sad rather quickly.

Revenge Season 1

The cast from left to right: Christa B. Allen, Gabriel Mann, Connor Paolo, Emily VanCamp, Nick Wechsler, Josh Bowman, Ashley Madekwe

Throughout watching this drama(so-called), one of the characters really attracted my attention.
Nolan Ross (Gabriel)

      Well if you look closely, he sure is old. X) No offence Gabriel.

      In this series, he played the role as Nolan(Mitchell) Ross, genius software inventor, computer hacker, and Emily's(Emily VanCamp) trusted ally in her plot for revenge.
      He owes his wealth and success to David Clarke(James Tupper) who supported him and invested some of his own money into Nolan's company, NolCorp. Grateful to David, Nolan offers to help his daughter, who is initially reluctant to trust him but over time she accepts his involvement in her revenge activities. While Nolan is entirely supportive toward Emily, he frequently steps in and offers advice when he believes she is taking things too far. 
     For the most part, Nolan helps Emily whenever she asks, especially when the request involves sending anonymous emails or hacking someone's computer/cell phone. He's also bisexual(his role in this drama, of course!) but what do I care? lol

    I have to admit it, even though he seems geeky and weird, those characteristics actually made him attractive.  They suited him and made him cute. lol. Without him(Nolan), I guess the show won't work out really well though, I mean this show is also airing in our local TV network. So, thumbs up to all those who have worked hard to make this show an awesome-rated success! :) 

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-my huge support  for revenge :)

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