Monday, 12 November 2012

My thoughts on some things...

Greetings! It's been awhile since I visited you, bloggy. I was busy preparing for this big exam. It started last week and my last paper will be on 4 Dec. I can't wait for this stupendous(sarcasm) exam to end! There are so much things going on in my head these days(what shall I do after the SPM?) Huhu... Anyways, all SPM candidates get a week off and the exam will continue next week. I guess it's because the papers we'll be sitting for next week are mostly the elective ones and also those papers are nightmares to me! I just hope I can answer them in my very best.
     I think the papers are pretty rough this year. Bahasa Melayu was ae-okay, English was moderate and Maths was just fine(paper 2 was a piece of cake but who knows, maybe the results that'll be out next year are not as what I'm expecting right now) and don't forget Sejarah! I'm regretting for not studying all this while. How I missed the old days! Sejarah was one of my fav subject when I was in Form 3 plus I'm one of the top three scorers. I got an A for Sejarah in PMR but for SPM, in my dreams lah I can ace for this ugly subject! I'm not accusing my Sejarah teacher for being lousy, not giving us frequent tests or for not so often getting in class, okay?haha... It's me who should've worked harder but sepalah yang rajin mo belajar Sejarah, kan(except for this Sejarah gal in my class, Norlinda)??? haha
      Anyway, there's this one thing that I've found so irritating. I got this text saying that Bahasa Melayu paper will be repeated on 18/12/2012 and it was an order from the KPM. What the heck is going on? The link it gave (the text also included a link as its proof) was also incorrect. I've already checked it. Nevertheless, I won't fall for such false message. I've checked to see if there's something posted about this on the internet but found non except for this news about the BM paper shall be repeated in the SPM 2010 that said the rumor is untrue. The KPM also said, the BM paper is valid, so why shall it be repeated? The government made mistakes? I'm ROFL!

        My idling ends here for today. I'll be back in some times latuh! See ya :)

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