Thursday, 29 November 2012

Can't wait!

Ok. One more paper to go and I'm free! Yess! My last SPM paper is EST which is on 4 Dec. I want to score this paper really bad. I mean, it's such a waste if I don't get an A for EST. Well, I'm not scoring for straight As, it's just that I hope EST can contribute to the acing of my SPM result which will  come out eventually, next year.
    Huhu... Time flies so fast this year and next year, I'll be on my way to further my studies maybe in a college or if I'm more blessed, :) 'Maktab, here I come!' I'm hoping to get good results. My ambition is to be a teacher. I really , jinja jinja(idk if jinja is correct for this sentence) want to be a teacher! God, help me to fulfill my dreams. :) I love Jesus.
    5 Dec, ma classmates and I will be having our reunion/par-tay:) in KFC Kudat. Can't wait :3
God bless!


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